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Message in bottle found off California coast warns people not to pollute oceans with bottles

MENDOCINO — A couple walking along a California beach this week found a profound message in a bottle warning people not to clog up the seascape’s ecosystems with bottles.

“To whom it may concern: We are sending this message to the world from abroad. Stop throwing away bottles in the ocean, even if they carry a message of warning or of hope because all you’re doing is contributing to the problem of too many bottles in the ocean,” said the message, according to Tom and Sarah Walker.

“I thought it was one of the most profound ironies I’ve ever experienced,” Sarah Walker said. “It was not just instructive but incredibly inspiring.”

Husband Tom agreed.

“We really aren’t what you would call diehard ‘environmentalists,’ but we know good advice when he hear it,” he said. “And we just had to share this with the world.”

It’s not clear where the message came from or who sent it, but the Walkers said that doesn’t matter nearly as much as the message the bottle carried.

“I guess I have to admit I just never looked at it this way,” Sarah Walker said. “What an incredible find. We feel like we are two of the luckiest people on the planet right now.”

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  1. Actually these are two of the stupidest people in the world if they think this attention seeking con job is inspiring anyone.

    1. Actually, it’s got to be real. A real prank I am sure. I will agree with you that superior intelligence was never involved here, but if you are walking on the beach & I’m composing a funny message from the next beach and tossing a bottle in the water as a prank, that’s my message.

  2. It’s too bad cowboys didn’t eat much pizza back in the Old West, because I think a good painting would be a cowboy giving his last slice to his horse. – Jack Handy

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