Cameras catch Mitt Romney revealing himself as Hillary Clinton during meeting with Trump

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Unaware that cameras were still rolling during an Oval Office meeting, Mitt Romney inadvertently revealed himself to be Hillary Clinton, an act that was caught on video.

“Well, I guess I didn’t really think that I could keep it a secret forever,” Clinton said as she was inundated with reporters after the accidental reveal. “There is no keeping a secret in this town, is there?

“Then again,” the former first lady continued, “I’m surprised my constant badgering of Trump and opposition to everything he says or proposes didn’t give me away. I mean, I was supposed to act like I was a member of his party, and I tried to do that for a while, I really did.

“But in the end, I just found it too difficult to be a Republican, so the result of that was to let my real nature come out and oppose, obfuscate, and campaign against Trump and his party,” Clinton continued. “And I would still be fooling my voters in Utah if I hadn’t gotten busted by an overeager shutterbug photog whose camera is quicker than his common sense.

“Does he not know who I am? Has he not heard about how people tend to ‘disappear’ when I get angry at them? I mean, ask yourself, what happened to the real Mitt Romney?” she said, an evil grin forming on her lips.

Asked if she planned to run again in 2024 as Romney or as herself, Clinton sounded confident.

“Whatever personality that keeps me back in power, that’s the one I’ll choose,” she said.

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  1. Romney not only screwed his party, he duped his fellow Mormons into voting for him as a Republican and then proved he is a democrat. He needs to be voted out once and for all, and be handed a legacy of disgrace.

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