Trump plots takeover of politics with 3rd, 4th, and 5th new parties

MAR-A-LAGO — Former President Donald Trump, fresh off his well-received speech at CPAC, says he now believes he’s popular enough to take over all of politics and will be starting several new political parties with that objective in mind.

“We have a beautiful movement, the best ever, the most popular ever, and it’s time to do this, it’s time,” Trump told reporters.

“You know, at CPAC I called those previous reports that I was going to start a third party fake news because it was,” Trump continued. “The fake news media, they never learn.

“Actually, I’m starting a third, fourth, and fifth new party, and I’m keeping the Republican Party as well. I want it all. I want all of it. It’s time for me to take my rightful place at the head of all politics,” said the former president.

It’s not clear what the new parties will be called, but Trump said he’s going to lead all of them and they will be answerable to him and him alone.

“In politics, it’s going to be all Trump, all the Time,” he said. “It’s what the people want and I will give them what they want. It’ll be amazing.”

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