Scientist astounds self after proving she couldn’t see forest for the trees

LAKE OZARK, Mo. — University of St. Louis researcher Shauna Faulkner noted in a paper published on Wednesday that he managed to successfully miss an entire forest for the trees.

“After spending nearly three weeks wandering through thickets and other heavily wooded areas, it became apparent to me that I was actually surrounded by a forest and I didn’t even know it,” Faulkner told reporters after publishing his study.

The scientist went on to acknowledge that more research is needed to substantiate her findings.

“It’s amazing — it’s a feeling I’ve never had before,” she added, going on to say that she launched his research with a belief that it was not possible to miss a forest simply because of their physical presence.

“You go into something like this thinking, ‘Oh, there’s no way to miss an entire forest.’ And yet, that’s exactly what I did. I became so engrossed by the overwhelming presence of all the trees I completely whiffed on identifying what they were actually a part of,” Faulkner continued.

Her entire research report is scheduled to be published in the journal Nature later this month.

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