A.I. program picks rural South Dakota Native American woman to win 2020 presidential race

GREEN GRASS, S.D. — Sue Running Bear was inundated with mainstream media news crews as she awoke to do chores Sunday morning after an artificial intelligence (A.I.) program picked her to win the 2020 presidential race.

A.I. model program Maggie, a market research and predictive tool from Symtec Strategies in Baltimore, analyzed recent Democratic presidential debates and speeches by President Trump to determine that Running Bear was the most likely winner in November.

“Honestly, I’m shocked,” the 41-year-old Cheyenne and mother of three told reporters as she fed her horses and prepared to get her children ready for school. “I mean, I’m not even running for president!”

Told that Maggie is an extremely accurate political forensic tool that is seldom wrong, Running Bear said she didn’t even know anyone knew about her other than her friends and family. She also reveled in the opportunity to become the first indigenous person to win the White House.

“Really, it’s kind of amazing when you think about it. A Native American woman becoming president of the United States. Who would have ever thought that possible?” she said.

“I mean, after all, we all knew it sure wasn’t going to be Elizabeth Warren.”

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