Deval Patrick ends 2020 presidential bid, upsetting 15-20 people

BALTIMORE — Former Maryland Gov. Deval Patrick, one of several in a crowded field of Democrats running for the party’s 2020 presidential nomination, dropped out of the race Wednesday after finishing 15th in a field of 12 candidates.

“[T]he vote in New Hampshire last night was not enough for us to create the practical wind at the campaign’s back to go on to the next round of voting. So I have decided to suspend the campaign, effective immediately,” the 63-year-old said in a statement.

Political analysts estimated that at least a dozen people, perhaps a few more, were known to have been upset about Patrick’s decision, though the vast majority of voters simply shrugged when asked what they thought about his suspension Wednesday in Nashua, N.H.

“Never really heard of the guy,” said one man as he walked into Mabel’s Home Style restaurant for breakfast.

“Who?” a woman replied when asked about Patrick’s decision.

One reporter actually managed to find one of the rare Patrick supporters.

“I’m upset that he had to suspend his candidacy,” said Truval Robinson, 54, from Manchester, N.H. “I thought from the beginning he had this and that once people actually found out who he was and that he was actually running for the presidency, they’d flock to him.”

Asked if he was going to mourn Patrick’s decision with other supporters later Wednesday, Robinson said he wouldn’t.

“I don’t know any others,” he conceded.

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